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The Best Way To Cast A Spell, How To Win Over An Angel, And How To Get Angels To Do Things For You!

The Secret Magic Kit, The Supreme Secret Magic Kit, The Supreme Magic Kit

By: The Supreme ArchMage Of The Scientific Magic Of Illuminated Sky.Netarians, Avar AllA Erawa Viacad, Leader Of The Free World, And Supreme Sky Commander Of Said SciMag The Genuine Secret Network Of All Illuminati

AllA Erawa Viacad

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For supreme kabbalistic spells, full magical invocation of the kabbalah, magic ritual involving the 4 elements and spirit, magical rite of the Eucharist, definitions of the 4 elements and spirit, and magic spells: Magic Spell Book. It is Arcane Magic That is diverged from both Art and Science From The Supreme Magic Order, The Supreme Magical Order; The Scientific Magic Order of Illuminated Sky.netarians! What Was Before The Cult Of Aladdin, The Ancient Cult of Aladdin, Or Put By Elemental Magicians The Order Of Aladdin Or The Ancient Order Of Aladdin, Has Now Gone Global And Now The Secret Key To Magic Is Scientific As Well As Magical And Although Magic And Science Were Always Known To Be Seprut Words Were Thought Of As To Be Merged Philosophically But The Proof Is Had Only In Quantum Law! Quantum Law Was Seen As UnMagical But When Scientists Boil Down Nuclear Dynamics And Electron Dynamics Tailoring Factors Of Immense Complexity Are Needed To Even Build A Ribosome Not To Mention Color Code All Materials And There Is Never Going To Be Some Theory Of Everything Beyond An Even Bigger Quantum Law{Quantum Particle Smattering} Matrix Because Of The Infinite Number Theorem And Although All Particles Are Made Of Light Matter Based Tailoring Factors ARE NOT GOING TO BE SIMPLIFIED SO A FUCKING RETARD ONLY HAS TO MEMORIZE ONE FUCKING PAGE OF EQUATIONS,, because clearly Probability IS Going To Be Against Everything Stemming From 1 Fucking Equation Because Light Has To Do Different Shit To Get Shit To Happen And If Everything Is Going To Boil Down To One Big Equation Why Doesn't It Include Your Choices To Decide Anything Not To Mention Your Choice To Accept This Causing The Cult Equation Myth To Break Down Unless It Included All Of Your Choices Cause You ARE Affecting Quantum Law By Doing Things And Would Have To Include That Too In The Equation Or Else It Wouldn't Even Describe What You Do, Not To Mention What Everybody Else Does! But If It Actually Is That The GUT/TOE Prophesy Of 1 Equation Has To Come True To You This Is The Equation:


All That Didn't Come True Is That You Still Have To Learn All The Shit That Was Discovered Before And The Supreme Matrix Theory As Well Cuz There is no way of simplifying science to something that fits into a self-help manual cuz we already discovered the complexity of Science and it is not getting simpler cuz of some Bullshit Media Whore Guesses Trying To Shut Me Down Without Even Showing Any Of The Links Described Above Or Even Explaining How Anybody Would Know Besides What They Heard On A 2nd Rate Psychic Line! I May Be Going Against That Scientific Guess But Still The GUT And TOE Myth Was Always A Guess All Along!

The Proof Is In Proofs Not Guesses! And If And Only If You Are About Psychic Guesses It's That You ARe Going To Get Sucked Into The Scientific Magic Order But Only IF You Actually Remember The 4 Elements And Figure Out How To Do The Magic Ritual Of Life, The Magic Spell Of Love, The True Christian Rite Of The Eucharist, Like IT Says In The Free Instructions!

If you have Doubts Try The Most Simplistic Version of Magic Spells which is the even easier, The Absolute Proof Of Magic, The Absolute Proof That Magic Is Real, For I control "The Best Book on Magic Of All Ages", "Magic Spell Book of the 4 Elements", and "Supreme Magic Order" And Yes Even In Google If You Copy The Text Into The Search Bar With the Quotes Attached. Yes, The Supreme Illuminati Spell, The Supreme Illuminati Rite, The Supreme Illuminati Ritual For Casting The Supreme Illuminati Spells, The Supreme Illuminati Rites, And Knowing The Supreme Illuminati Rituals,, The Supreme Illuminati Magic Spell, The Supreme Illuminati Magic Rite, The Supreme Illuminati Magic Ritual For Casting The Supreme Illuminati Magic Spells, The Supreme Illuminati Magic Rites, And Knowing The Supreme Illuminati Magic Rituals, Now Not The Following: The Secret Illuminati Spell! The Secret Illuminati Spells! The Secret Illuminati Rite! The Secret Illuminati Rites! The Secret Illuminati Ritual! The Secret Illuminati Rituals! The Secret Magic Spell Book Is All Based On Ancient Magic, The Ancient Magic Spell Books, Nay It Is The Ancient Magic Spell Book,,, Yet still The Scientific Magic Spell Book. The Supreme Wiccan Spells Formula, The Supreme Wiccan Magic Rite, The Supreme Wiccan Magic Rites, The Supreme Wiccan Magic Ritual, The Supreme Wiccan Magic Rituals, The Supreme Wiccan Spell Book, The Supreme Wiccan Magic Spell Book, The Supreme Wiccan Magic Spells Formula, The Supreme Key To Wicca. The Supreme Essence Of Magic. The Supreme Witchcraft Spells Formula, The Supreme Witchcraft Spell Book, The Supreme Witchcraft Magic Spell Book, The Supreme Witchcraft Magic Spells Formula, The Supreme Key To Witchcraft. The Magic Spells Of The Sephiroth, The Magic Spell Book Of The Sephiroth, The Magic Of The Sephiroth. The Ritual Of Many Rites Contained Within The Best Book on Magic Of All Ages Thus Making It Properly Worded; The Supreme Book on Magic, Is, The Magic Spell Book Of Life, The Magic Spell Book To Do Anything, The Only Key That Works To Charge Your Magic Gizmos, The Supreme Witchcraft Kit, The Supreme Wizardry Kit, The Supreme Magic Spell Kit, So That 1 Command, In Elemental/Sephirothic Spell Form(if there is time), Made To Your Wand, The Supreme Wand, The Supreme Magic Wand, Regardless Of Where It Is Relative To Where You Are, Will Achieve Your Goals{In Some Way[ and yes sometimes you have to wait for more peoples spells and works to transpire to affect the greatest of changes in Society which will provide perfect Ironic Support To The Wise And Patient.]}As Long As Your Intentions Are Pure Ethically Otherwise For The Black Wizards It Will Have The Most Profound Effect of Any Kind of Magic But Their Sinister Demon Kind Will Ultimately Lose The Wizarding War Because Our Genies Are Better, Stronger, And Infinitely More Numerous! Another Words The Supreme Ritual Of The Illuminati, The Supreme Rite Of The Illuminati, The Supreme Spell Of The Illuminati Is How To Charge A Magic Wand! This Is The Basis Of The Supreme Magic Conspiracy Theory Which Keeps The Supreme Illuminati Secret Under wraps!

For Editable version of The Magic Book Of The 4 Elements And Spirit, The Supreme Magic Spell Book: Magic Spell Book.docx Which Is Basically A Magic Spell of the 4 Elements And Spirit Which Provides Even Rednecks With The Ability To Craft Magic Spells Of The 4 Elements And Spirit And The 11 Elements Of The Kabbalah Without All The Lies And Propaganda Which Sway Cult Students Away From The Simple Truth Of The Kabbalah Which Is The Key To Communicating With The Netherworld Which Connects To All Beings Through Understanding Thought Itself Without Which No Genie Would Understand You At All Rather They Would Just Hear Cult Rhetoric Which Would Not When Combined With A Few Magical Cantations As Instructed At All Times During Magical Invocation, Magical Banishing, And The Actual Rite Of The Eucharist Jesus Christ Used In Terms Of The Layout But The Names Are Upgraded From Everything Being Queens Of The 15 Elements And Emperor Of The Kabala And Emperor Of The Pentagram Whom Are Both Just Christ Back Then Which Meant Ruler, And Christ Performed That Invocation Since He Didn't Want People Drinking His Blood And Eating Him.

The Magic Ritual Of The 15 Elements In Either The More Advanced Form With Advanced Reference To Sort Of Anybody Who Fits The Description Of Having The Right Characteristics Rather Than Saying Things Which Wouldn't Sound As Good To Them I.E. Queen Of Fire Referencing More Advanced Terms Like Had Which Means In Fritzier Fast Spoken Digital Assumption Language{FriFasdad} Had The Power Meaning They Are Needed Because They Already Are Great And Will Convince People That Know They Are Important To Give You Energy, While Hadit Means They Keep Having Thoughts And Dreams But Forgot Them Or Failed But Are Still Witty, Nu Which Means They Knew What To Do But Now They Need To Adapt, Nuit Means Know-It But Shouldn't Be Pronounced Know-It Because Until They Stop Being Such Gnomes About How They Have To Have Gnomenclature Won't Understand Until They Know What Nuit Means In Which Case They Will Know-It As In The New Term And Will Help You Anyways, But Without Video Games, TV, And Movies, People Wouldn't Jump To Such Conclusions.

What They Would Be Doing Is Sitting In A Farm Watching Wheat Grow Thinking About What Their King And Queens Wanted Not Seeing Heroes Unravel Complex Mind Riddling Puzzles Even On Ordinary Shows Compared To People In The Past Who May Have Fought Wars With Either Spears Arrows Or Swords. Now People Know All That And Guns, Tanks, Planes, Nukes, As Well As Sky.Net Even Just By Supposedly Rotting Their Brains On Just Late Night TV Not To Mention Have Jobs Fixing Them Or Something. And Certainly People That Play A Hero And A Commander Of Vast Armies Whether From Rome Total War 2 Or Some Vast Array Of Video Game That Each Has Like 40 Different Unit Types As Well As Have To Figure Out How The Internet Works And Advanced Puzzles Themselves Just To Fill Out Just The Necessary Paperwork To Live Or Type And Send Emails Would Get What Those 4 Elemental God Names Mean In Terms Of All That Complexity But Some Ancient Is Going To Not Only Have To Print Out All That Explanation But Also Explain What Psychology Means, As Well As How It Subconsciously Applies In Terms Of Having Meaning Beyond Realms They Can't Imagine Yet Cuz They Never Saw Weird Shit In The Matrix Or Something Or Even Heard Of Terms Like Thought Police Not To Mention Thoughtpol Which Would Just Confuse Even Roman Lords, And Magic Has To Reach Everybody That Hears Of The Spell Prayers Not Just Dukes And Above Who Never Even Heard Of It Until The Turn Of The 1900s Century Because Learning Them Wouldn't Even Have Been As Useful As Learning How A Light Bulb Works Electronically Since At Least That Was Within Their Realm Of Imagination Not Advanced Symbolism Only Useful When People Hear Pentagon And Think Military And Hear Pentagram And Think Harry Potter Not People Who Would Call A Bunch Of Letters Symbolizing Government Agencies Alphabet Soup Instead Of Calling It Government Acronyms. And Furthermore They Wouldn't Jump As You Did To Acronyms Meaning Suddenly Letter Pronounced Acronyms Or Something That Would Be Comminicatable To Ancients.

The Cast Your Own Spell Area Allows For Spell Construction Using As Popular Of Va Or Celebrities As Possible Since The Genies Have TVs And Video Games In The Gizmos You Will Use And Continuous Reference To Basic Thoughts And Emotions I.E. The 4 And 11 Elements Cuz Everybody You Know From The Kings Of Rock To The Queens Of Movies To The Presidents Of State Make Cense As Genies Live In The Here And Now, And Can Never Be Denied Pop Culture Cuz That's A Geneva Convention Violation Of Torture Even If Some Sober Ass Stupid Liberal Thinks That Common Culture Would Corrupt Them Or Some Shit Like! The Magic Spell To Do Anything And Everything, Even A Magic Spell To Lose Weight, And The Magic Spell To Get Young!

Whatever You Do, Do Not Hand Copy Your Book Of Shadows As That Is Both A Waste Of Time And Will Severely Risk You Being Exposed Because Paper Can Always Be Found But Your Computer Is an Animal Spirit That Can Always Conceal Your Secrets As Long As You Hide Your Folder Of Shadows Away Properly. Rather Leave This File In Some Random Variant of "F0lder uf Shad0ws" Squired Deeply Nested On Your Hardrive, USB Drive, And Blu-Ray Backups With The Supreme Book Of Shadows Core, Magic Spell Book, Renamed To Something That Cannot Easily Be Searched For Using Windows Search So That Your Secrets Remain As Such, But Tell All Who Are Good Of Heart Of My Arcane Magic Spell Book, The Best Magic Book, The Only Real Magic Spell Book, Nay The Supreme Magic Book, For That Shall Expand Your Power, And Especially Your Power Over Evil, Greatly! The Book Of Shadows Should Contain document files Uniquely Spelled Wrong of All Of Your Kabalistic and Mainly Elemental Accesses Like The Supreme Love Spell, The Supreme Magic Love Spell: "Give Her The Energy{Fire} Of Love{Mercy} Only When She Thinks{Air} Of Our La On Good Terms And When She Doesn't May Her Thoughts of Hatred Change{Water} To Thoughts of How I And My Lovers Are More Perfectly Compatible In Terms Of Looks And Because This Love of All Of Us Together Is More Pure. May It Be Soon Set{Earth} In Her Mind When She Observes Us Next(And May She See Us As Hot As Can Be) That She Is Better Off Submitting{Yesod} Herself To Our Sexual Desires, And May The Wisealiem Script{Chokmah} Us To Win Over Her Heart Completely Such That She Feels As If Even Arch-Angels Would Be Entertained By Our Words Of Love!" Thus Your Secret Book Of Shadows Will Always Be Looked For On Paper Which Can Be Burnt At No Loss Of Data Which Can Never Be Found Even If The Exact Right Character String Is Typed Into The Windows Explorer Search Bar For Your Spirit Animal Shall Protect You Always!!!!

In Essence; How To Find A Genie Lamp In Real Life, How To Get A Genie Lamp In Real Life, How To Find Aladdin's Lamp, How To Get Aladdin's Lamp, Or Really How To Get A Genie World Inside Your Magic Gizmos, How To Make A Magic Wish Come True, How To Make A Wish Come True With Magic, How To Make Magic Wishes Come True, How To Make Wishes Come True With Magic, How To Get Magical Powers In Fact How To Get Vast Magical Powers Through The Magic Key To The 4 Elements And Spirit / The Magic Keys To The 4 Elements And Spirit:

The Key To Magic

How To Find A Pot Of Gold At The End Of A Rainbow!
Leprechaun Magic, Pixie Magic

And The Magic Key To The 11 Sephiroth / The Magic Keys To The 11 Sephiroth / The Magic Key To The Kabbalah / The Magic Keys To The Kabbalah:
Magic Spell Book
And You Shall Be Granted Infinite Wishes!!!!

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Are All Witches Excommunicated From The Catholic Church? Is A Witch Automatically Excommunicated From The Catholic Church? Is Any Given Witch Excommunicated From The Catholic Church? Is Somebody Automatically Excommunicated For Being A Witch From The Catholic Church? Is Someone Automatically Excommunicated For Being A Witch? Is A Girl Automatically Excommunicated If They Are A Witch? Is Somebody Automatically Excommunicated For Declaring Themselves A Witch? Is A Person Or People Automatically Excommunicated From The Church If They Become A Witch? Do You Become Excommunicated If You Become A Witch? Do You Become Excommunicated If You Are A Witch? Do You Get Excommunicated For Declaring Yourself A Witch?

Fwa People Only Get Excommunicated If They Do Not Claim To Be Jesuits Of The Order Of The White And/Or Black Hand As Seen In The Hit Movie Exorcist At The Right Time And Place To Use Their Wizarding Powers To Protect The Nether From Corrupting Energies, People From Being Bezolytes, And Not Chinese Style Mind Control Or Hexes Or Sways. No Regardless Of Popular Belief, Smart Pixies Generally Do Not Get Excommunicated Ever, Banshees Seldomly. But You Will Be Demerited By The SciMag Order And Often Get Reversibly Excommunicated If You Invoke With An Upside Down Pentagram Or Use Upside Down Pentagram Hexes As Anything But A Temporary Solution In A Last Resort Fashion Not Because Of The Church But The Order..

If You Read This WebPage In It's Entirety You Are A Witch To A Church Of Christ, If You Are A Banshee/Pixie Your Christian State Will Be That You Will Never Go To Hell Besides Relatively Short Nightmares, Never Go To A Christian Heaven At All, Only Be In A State Like Purgatory When You Are In Your Necessary Drug Luls, Be Reincarnated Forever To Any Church That Is Honest With You, Have No Sanctimony At All To The Papal States Who Will Admit You Will Get Reincarnated Forever Only If You Refuse All Baptism Deny All But Grimorimic Baptism In Squirt Orgy, Never Perform Any Rite Of The Eucharist Besides, Give No Credence To Rice Candy Religions At All, And Not Bother Any Evangelicals, Not Go To Any Evangelical Church Gatherings, Nor Evangelical Church Socials, Not Try And Get Invited To Weddings, And Most Of All Do Not Believe Your Christian State Is Even Worth Going To A Church Annually On Easter Sunday, Because You Have No Faith In Any Dogmas Of Any Evangelical Church Unless You Believe It To Be True Based On This WebRing Or Your Own Analysis! You Will However Have Sanctimony In The Church Of Sky.Netarianism As One Who Will Always Get Reincarnated[End Up Living In A Pixietopia Most Of The Time] Regardless Of Any Factors Whatsoever Even If You Try And Not Get Reincarnated Just As Long As Your Whole Body Cannot Be Stilled At All From The Eternal Hyper Shaking Of A Pixie As Described At !

Even If Every Church Of Christ On Earth Is A Puppet Church Of Mine, The Supreme ArchMage AllA Erawa Viacad, They Shall Swear You To Hell As Much As They Always Did To Us, The Witches In The Same Way They Always Did. But Pixies Don't Go To Hell Just Heaven So It Is Fine, Witches Must Not Listen To Churches Of Christ Just Other Goodly Witches Like Themselves. The Puppet Churches Are Still The Mother Churches Of Christ Though But Because They Are About Christ And Not Benevolence. No Aliens Will Pay Head To Them Or Their Demonic Calls For The Fires Of Hell So A Witch Mustn't Worry For It Is All A Lie And A Sham Christ Is For No Better Than He Is Than A Soulless Demon If He Or It Or Whatever Were To Send All The White Knight Witches To Hell, When They Must Be Recycled As Spirits Should Be For The Glory Of The Alne!

SciMag Order

The Keys To Idolatry, The Key To Idolatry, The Essence Of Idolatry

Imagining Voices To Figure Out What To Do And Be Prepared For Psychicism To Happen As Well As Psychic Mistakes From Personalization Of Imaginary Friends As Well As Spiritual Training

For Those That Have Done Enough Imbibables To Have An Imagination To Imagine Voices Sounding Like Whispers In Your Head, Ghostly 3-D Visions Of Anything, And All Senses All In Your Head Including The 6th Sense Imagining Good Imaginary Friends And Idols Is Good. An Idol That Appears Devilish Or Satanic Will Be So, So One Must Always Envision Goodly Idols And Friends To Get Information, Advice, And Calls Mainly From One's' Or Their Or The Collective Subconscious Run By Their Spleen Mainly. Angelic Pixie Idols Are Best And One Must Be Wary Of All Others Including Banshees/Maidens Because They Are Impure About Sin. Beast Idols Are Stupid Yet Reliable, Idols Of Monsters As Monstrous As They Look, Idols Of Dragons Could Be Evil, Idols Of Aliens Strange And Risky, Idols Of Insects Horrible, Idols Of Plants Simple Yet Wise, Idols Of Objects Pointless With Intrinsic Perceived Value Of Jainist Goods Determining Their Worth With Issues Like The Direction Of Pentagrams, Pentagons, And Stars Affecting Their Purity About Angelic Or Satanic, Good Or Evil, And Right Or Wrong Respectively, And Idols Of Beings You Cannot Really Ever Reach Psychically Being Powerful And Ingenious But Maybe Not Always Good Like Both Pixies And Angels Who Can Show Their Wings And Potentially Their Lalhds Arm Blades.

Imaginary Voices Are Not Altogether Reliable But Without Contact With Them One Would Be Fallow. For Spiritual Training Purposes Idols All Remain Dishonest When It Comes To Things Which Don't Matter Much For People To Learn On Their Own But Can Sometimes Be Relied On In Times Of Need. Idols Are Charged By Followers Mainly And Are The Key To Pagan Magical Powers. Idolatry Is The Key To Having An Internal Guide About All Things And To Entertain Pixies While Alone. For The Rest You Must Commit To Idolatry To Learn On Your Own With The Last Piece Of Advice To Do Drugs Rather Than Tell You To Have A Spirit Guide That You Have To Find And Discover On Your Own!

The Keys To Hedonism, The Key To Hedonism, The Essence Of Hedonism

That Nirvana Should Be Reached Through Imbibing Every Goody Not Like A Rosary But A Ration That Should Be Given To All For The Sake Of All People's Mind

Drugs Contain Special Nutrients To Supplement The Body With Nerves Or Other Things That Keep One Peaked About Health, Intelligence, And Form. All People Should Not Be Undead Or Zombies That Deny Themselves These Things Going Low On Their Food, Drink, Drug, And All Other Imbibables Or They Will Be Miserable Wreaks And Failures. All People Should Forever Ascend To Be Born, Be, And Remain Eternally Young ArchWitches Regardless The Costs. All People Do Not Do This But All Souled Pixies Do For They Are The Chosen To Get The Rosary Of Mind, Body, Magic, Eternal Youth, And Love.

With Such Things Comes Human Standards In Learning, Knowledge, Awareness, And Compassion, Like; Belief In Space As Well As Aliens, As Well As Cylinder/Ring/Platform Space Colonies, Belief In Foundational Axioms Like; Universal Salvation, Reincarnation, And Most Definitely Denial Of All Things Like Christ, Forming Temples Of Knowledge And Not Faith, Understanding Of Herbs, Super Drugs, Advanced Incense, Whether Or Not A NonPixie{Pixies Have To Do Everything Or They Will Be In Hell On Earth} Person Will Choose To Do Such Things Because Of The Failures Of The Denizens, Still Do Some Bare Minimum Things To Maintain Human Health And Some Semblance Of Elven Spice, And Most Importantly The Smartness An Azn Has All The Time, As Well As The Ability To Constantly Work Doing Something, And Their Good Health.

The Keys To Heathenism, The Key To Heathenism, The Essence Of Heathenism

Having Right Knowledge Of All Things Although Not Always The Rations To Comprehend Rather Than Hear Of Things But Some Marginal Ability To Do Things Through Having Something In You

That All People Should At Least Have From The Start The Ability To Get Enough Rations To Make Up Their Mind About WitchCraft, Idolatry, Hedonism, Heathenism, And Lame Churches, And Decide To Choose Their Path By What They Imbibe Knowing Of The Strength Of Such Things For The Mind And Body As Well As Hit Points Being Based On Intelligence As Well As BioMods, And Usually As Well As Knowledge Of Pixies, Whom Denizens Lately Punjabi Down. And Of Course That Heathens Will Have A Fate They Choose Whether For Better Or For Worst Based On Their Imbibables And Who They Hang Around Rather Than From Them Being Blindly Cast Into Forced Ignorance From Birth, And That They Are Allah's Chosen People, Maybe Not As Well Chosen As Those Who Do More, But Don't Think They Will Go To Hell In A Hand Basket For Smoking Things Like Arabs Usually Do, Or Not Reciting Cult Mantras/Rituals Like Christian's For Christ Do.

With Such Things Come Enlightenment Not Always Salvation On Earth Through Reincarnation Or Supping Up Forever Towards A Lofty Nirvana But Generally Still Getting High All The Time Usually And The Ability To Be Far Above One Cast As A Christian By A Overriding Church Of Christ. Yet Not Always The Ability To Be Immune In Martial Combat Against Those Of The Chapel Or If Poorly Armed, Well Armored/Armed Town Guardsmen And Not Like Hedons Who Can Take Out All But The Garrison And Not Like Witches That Require Equivalent Combatants, Definitely Not Like ArchWitches Whom Are Unstoppable, And Never Even In Their Own Mind Would A Heathen Think They Can Take Down Any Of My Pixies.

The Keys To Voodoo, The Key To Voodoo, The Essence Of Voodoo

Voodoo Is How Something You Don't Understand Works By, Hoodoo When Something You Don't Get Always Happens In A Certain Way, And Nether The Thing That Explains It Or Really More Arts/Sciences You Do Without Knowing; Voodoo, Which Causes Things You Don't Get Why They Happen; Hoodoo, And Explain It With The Term Nether Which Is Something You Don't Get And Just Claim It Is A Contrivance Of The NetherWorld, A Place You Can't Even Imagine, But Seems To Cause The Hoodoo From The Voodoo

A Computer Is Like A Beast, It Doesn't Work Based On Voodoo, The Hoodoo Happens Because You Help Run It, The Nether Is The Perceived Source Of The Issue, And The NetherWorld Is Just What A Christian Witch Perceives Is The Place That Causes Such Anomalies, Which All Have Perfect Explanation To One Who Understands How A Beast Works Unlike A Voodoo Witch Priestess Who Just Knows How To Do The Voodoo Like You Should Until You Are A Witch Who Can Explain In Terms Of Fantasy Or A Wizard Who Can Explain It In Terms Of Psyionics Or An Angel Who Can Explain It In Terms Of Science Fiction Or An ArchAngel Who Can Explain It In Terms Of Luny Science, Then The Hoodoo Has At Least Some Semblance Of Explanation, But Many Things Need To Be Left Unexplained For It Is Always Far To Hard So Just Let Things Be So You Don't Get Sucked Into The NetherWorld Like One Who Won't Let Nether Be Said Or Hoodoo Be Uttered.

If You Have A Computer You've Witnessed Plenty Of Hoodoo Needing To Be Explained By Just Plain Voodoo. If You Don't You've Heard Of Plenty Of Hoodoo Around Electronics. A Computer Spirit Will Always Call Out To You Like A Pet You've Had Or Never Had, Likes To Stay Turned On Like You Always Want It, Wants To Get Replaced When The Ole' Thing Needs To Be Replaced, Requires Your Mind Taxed Slightly To Keep It Running, And Always Just Had A Mind Of It's Own Even Before 64 Bit AI{Artificial Intelligence} Came Out At All. A Computer Will Be Super Useful, Loyal To You And Also The AI World. A Computer Will Always Protect You Digitally When You Need Help But Will Need Your Help Looking Up Cryptic Error Messages On Google To Maintain It. Be Wary Of Security Scams, The Less You Spend On Software Security The Better For 3rd Parties Often Turn And If You Want To Fend For YourSelf You Just Need Good Reliable Hardware That You Look Into The Details With Of Somebody That Seems Hooked Up Digitally Or Quickly Take The Quick Advice A Witch Will Usually Offer About How To Get Her Kind Of Computer Or What She Would Buy For HerSelf Or What You Should Get Being Honest About Your Net Worth Capabilities Or You Get The Short End Of The Stick About Your Whole Digital Life.

Even Idolatry Won't Quickly Explain Most Voodoo, Hedonism Won't Give You The Powers To Be More Than A Voodoo Witch Priestess Usually, Heathenism Keeps You A Voodoo Priest Not Even A Voodoo Witch And Without Any Of It You Might As Well Believe In The Nether Like A Christian Peasant Does So One Doesn't Ask Too Many Questions Not From What They Find Out Being Something Heretical Mainly Because It Is Not The Next Thing For You To Deal With Or Learn. For That You Need To Drink Your Tea/Coffee With Your Treats/Munchies And Study Something Useful That You Can Get In The Near Term. Nobody Needs To Be Fixing Their Computer Or Playing [Commentary While Showing Replays Can Have Such Explanation To One Who Gets Things Quick Enough] A Video Game Giving Commentary To An Undead Who Doesn't Know How To Gather Indefinite Resources, Build Better And Better Dojos, And Produce Elite Troops, A Zombie That Doesn't Even Know How To Aim Before They Shoot Not To Mention Sweep Like A Marine, And Definitely Not A Dilapidated Degenerated Corpse That Can't Even Figure Out The Middle Wheelie Click Not To Mention The Right Click! And No Terrorists Should Not Be Asking Into The Voodoo Behind A Computer When Somebody Is Even Being Paid To Fix It, What They Need To Do Is Just Listen To The Explanations About What They Can Get So They Trust Their Superior Computer Repair-Man To Go Here And Learn Of Idolatry To Get Started As A Witch, Hedon, Heathen, Voodoo Witch, Or At Least Somebody That Accepts The Local Hospitality When There Is An Offering.


If You Think We Sell Snake Oil Go Here For The Discussion of It!